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Downloads Usb Xtaf Gui Version 44 (2022)




15 0.0 0.1 4996 2376? S 13:17 0:00 /usr/sbin/htdbd -f /etc/xinetd.d/fasttrack hmmm Loshki, ok, so something is using the console and killing it.. How can I determine what is using it? your computer doesn't even try to boot anymore, you're going to need to be a bit more patient Ben64 is there any other way to login into gui after i stoped the ubuntu-desktop-server ? how can i restart xorg sudo restart lightdm stop sudo restart lightdm start kuttans: you don't need to Loshki, sorry, should have specified.. I mean, I'm not having any issues with it besides being unable to log in i am on a headless server i donot want to do it by ssh connection i want to do it by gui so why did you install ubuntu-desktop-server i installed it to be able to remotely login my other server machine it is full of any packages and is fully loaded but this server it is only lightdm and ubuntu-desktop-server i just need to make some changes on the desktop to test out an application that is why i need to login from gui to gui well when you say you're on a headless server, what is the server supposed to do if all you want is a GUI, why have a server i have a nodejs application on that machine so that i can login and test that application remotely its headless in terms of functionality but with gui i mean for the nodejs application but why did you install ubuntu-desktop-server




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Downloads Usb Xtaf Gui Version 44 (2022)

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